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I was referred to Gay through a good friend who had previously worked with her, and highly recommended her for both her methods and her presence. After moving to a new country and into a new position at work, I was feeling a bit stuck, and like I was living a shadow of the life I had previously been living, both professionally and personally. At the beginning, it was clear to me that I wanted to focus our time together on finding a path to a different lifestyle and career, perhaps out of the corporate world. And though I was experiencing some challenges at work, I wanted to avoid that topic, and focus our time on the things I am passionate about. It became clear to me, however, through our conversations, and the exercises that I did, that these work challenges were holding me back, and until I worked through them, I would have trouble being truly present and thoughtful about shaping my future. During the coaching journey, Gay was beside me every step (and emotion) along the way, asking me great questions, and helping me to get unstuck. She gave thoughtful assignments, and encouragement, and working with her was a big motivator to create and stick to some specific goals. I found that I held myself accountable much more knowing that there was someone to check in with. In the end, Gay didn’t magically change my life, as no coach can…but she played a critical part in my journey to refresh my perspectives, goals, and energy. Her patience and thoughtful guidance and support was priceless. I would absolutely recommend working with Gay.

Samantha T.

Healthcare Supply Chain Professional

I approached Gay because I had arrived at a point where I felt stuck in life. After years of moving countries and putting family first, I felt empty and that my life was lacking purpose. However, I had no clear idea what it was that I wanted out of life or what would make me feel more fulfilled. I just seemed caught in a fog. Gay was instrumental in helping me to lift my head above the fog and gain clarity. With her empathetic yet no-nonsense approach, she helped me to rediscover myself. Together, we explored the things that bring me fulfillment and joy. Gay supported me in setting realistic and achievable goals. She was great at challenging me and holding me accountable whenever she felt that I was slipping back into my comfort-zone. At the same time, I never felt judged and I knew that Gay truly cared for my well-being. Gay is a professional who combines solid coaching training with a background in psychology and a healthy dose of life experience. I feel that I have gained so much clarity and a sense of purpose as a result or working with Gay. I highly recommend her to any woman who is at a crossroads in life and feeling a little lost, whether personally, professionally, or both.

Stefanie, Luzern

Though I have never met Gay in person I feel that we have known each other for ages. Despite having different cultural backgrounds, we understood each other instantly. I had 12 sessions of coaching with her over Skype, which I very much enjoyed. I liked her overall approach about me as a whole integrated person and the curiosity she addressed each and every problem. Her method involving visual technique has been helping me ever since. As Gay encouraged me to work on different aspects of a difficulty I was facing, I found that story telling through visual arts helped me with those challenges I could not resolve in my “real life”.


What was the problem you needed to solve? I have been lucky to benefit twice from Gay's coaching. In our first engagement I was struggling with trying to have it all or managing it all (family, work, me) and the toll is was taking on myself. For our second engagement, I was leaving a company after a very long tenure and I want guidance to leave strong and feel at peace with my decision and start my new role strongly. I wanted to do things on my terms. How did I help you? Gay listened, gave me space to say all the things I hadn't made space for. She provided insights, exercises, appropriate challenges and advocacy. She believed in me so strongly and helped me piece together my thoughts and feelings to allow me to go from stuck, to grounded, to soaring. What did you particularly like about my approach or delivery? She got to know and see me, the real me and advocated for my authentic self and my aspirations. How would you summarise the experience as a whole? Working with Gay changed how I saw myself. We removed the roadblocks and progressed to where to wanted to go and dreamed of going. I become a better and happier mom, partner, and leader. Would you recommend my services to others? If so, to whom? If you worked with Gay, you would choose her again. I have also recommended her with my network and those people would tell you the same. I would recommend Gay to people open and looking to find something better in themselves and in their life. Whether it be to end a struggle or to take a leap and transform.


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