What is Integral Life Coaching?

LIFE COACHING aims to build a person’s competence to be better able to face their life circumstances.


SUCCESSFUL LIFE COACHING allows an individual to become unstuck from the assumptions that have locked them into seeing the world in a certain way and releases them to explore new and different ways of encountering their lives.


Coaching focusses exclusively on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward. Coaches do not counsel or analyze the past.

An INTEGRAL APPROACH to coaching is one that takes explicit account of all the factors that affect your life including

  • your social world,

  • your habits,

  • your relationship with your body,

  • the quality of your self-care,

  • the amount of attention and energy you have available to take on change, and much more.


Open yourself to the possibility

of  seeing the world in a new way. 


What do you have to lose?

programME - How it works


The coaching always starts with a complimentary discovery call/meeting in which we both evaluate whether we are able to work together to achieve your goals. Experiencing good chemistry is always the basis for a positive coach-client relationship!



Our first 1-2 sessions will be a process of gathering information – getting to know you, understanding the context of the issues that confront you, and drawing a mental picture of where you wish to go.

This future vision forms the framework for our remaining coaching sessions.


Discovery & Action

As we proceed, my goal is to help you look at your life from a broader viewpoint using simple observation and reflection exercises.

Using insights gained from this process we then explore additional possibilities for action



You embody these actions through basic practices to effect change at a level where it becomes self-generating. You develop your ability to choose your response with awareness instead of falling into habitual, reactive patterns of behaviour.


12 sessions

every 2 weeks

over a period of 6 months

*Sessions last 60-90 minutes, depending on your needs.


In person meetings at a pre-agreed location, or

Skype, Facetime or

phone call.

For a change of pace, I am happy to offer Walk and Talk coaching sessions in a natural setting at any time


CHF 1,800 in 3 instalments or

CHF 1,700 as a lump sum


I am available by e-mail, text and voicemail during normal working hours, should you need additional support in between scheduled meetings.


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